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mark miller


Chris Barnthouse

Great Info. I'd encourage anyone needing help to contact Sheila Owens. She has spent a lot of time helping NAIFA-Indianapolis get started in Soccial Media.


great information.


I bumped into this presentation last week and shared the link with my team. i have finally finished watching it and the information is very useful. Thanks and keep up the good work


a good brand name will always sale without much advertisement

Christopher S. Barnthouse

This really needs to receive more emphasis at the state and national level. Most of the locals in Indiana have communication chairs but state has continued to resist adding this as a duty position. The result: membership feels forgotten. They only hear from state when state wants something. This is great info and these are great tools. But they'll never get used until National tells state associations they need to appoint a communications chair.

Scott A. Crawford, LUTCF, CLU

This is a great presentation, but if the NAIFA 20/20 Strategic Plan passes and is implemented, the production and dissemination of NAIFA branded information, both for the membership and to the public, will fall upon the state and national organization. As per the 20/20 plan "their [local affiliations] activity is coordinated by the state (or regional) chapter.

Moksha media

informative disscussion

Greg Hugo

Very strategic service you provided me thank you!

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