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Louis H Brownstone

Unable to register...Can't do the evaluations.

Chris Barnthouse

This is great stuff. Can we get these videos for our state and local websites?

Lauren H

Hi Chris,

You can use this video for your website by going to the video’s youtube page. Depending on how your site is built you can either copy the URL or copy the embed code. If you need more assistance please feel free to email me at

Thank you

Chris Barnthouse

We've started showing these videos at the beginning of our membership meetings to remind our members of the benefits available to them.




great videos.


Awesome information

Odundo Eric

relevant information shared, nice

john manyasi

thanks for the information. really helpful.

Richard Maina

how can we access materials for our online directory. Than you

Elizabeth Wamugunda

I will now be a NAIFA leader.

Elizabeth Wamugunda

I like the videos, they are so clear

Elizabeth Wamugunda

I like the presentations inform of a video

Elizabeth Wamugunda

Very understandable watching the presentations

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